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Sukha is a Sanskrit word in the ancient Hindu language that means "state of permanent happiness and well being " that's what we are all searching for. We are an experience group of professionals in the art of service to the client in the gastronomic and hotel business, also we were clients ourselves before dedicating us to serve, that is how we know how to fulfill the desire of each person that comes to our place so they leave satisfied.

In our passion we have many enthusiasms: we love Mexico, Bucerias, the Riviera Nayarit, the beach, music, the healthy and fun drinks and above everything good food. We love the possibility to create a new concept, new culinary proposals, to offer our clients a comfortable space with different options, you could lay down in a nice hamaca, or seat in our hanging chairs looking at the beach, or a bunk on the sand to enjoy your favorite drink or food.

To realize all this we scanned around the bay looking for the ideal place to create such place, we found it in Bucerias "the place of the divers" a small village in Banderas Bay, recognize for its folklore and lifestyle were you can find small homes painted in colorful ways, always beautiful sunsets, a very relaxing location to do bird watching, long Beach walks or horseback riding, a wide selection of ocean activities and of course diving. At the heart of the small town you will find it's main plaza, it's local market, art galleries and a small church dedicated to the Virgin of peace, its festivities are in the month of January and you can participate in their traditional party that consists of pilgrimages by boats that are specially decorated for the celebration with fireworks, traditional Mexican specialties. The sculpture of the diver is in the final point of the main plaza and looking straight to the Pacific Ocean, there you can find crafts, jewelry, textiles and other tourist attractions.

In Bucerias and the Rivera Nayarit there are a lot of different festivities throughout the year: the oyster festival, fishing and swimming competitions, gastronomical festivals, we also have screens so that you don't miss you favorite sport events.

Sukha Beach House is open from 9:30 in the morning until 10 at night and maybe a little later too. For your special events please contact our public relations manager that will help you plan the best birthday parties, a special romantic evening, weddings, business, luncheons etc.

Come to Sukha and enjoy because.......
SUKHA.- Is the most satisfying feeling.
SUKHA.- Give us happiness.
SUKHA.- Give us comfort.
SUKHA.- Embrace us in well being.
SUKHA.- Gives us pleasure, pleasure in the exact meausure.
SUKHA.- Balance life properly.

Beach club that combines good food, an extensive bar, the best view and the perfect mix of party and relax
Beach house with the best food and drinks

Lázaro Cárdenas No.17 Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico
Telephone: 01 329 298 1634
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